What's On The Menu? Balancing the Needs of Diverse Customers Through Seasonal Menuing

In this paper, Menuology looks at the differences and similarities across the differing age ranges served by the industry, and addresses their key drivers when selecting and dining in restaurants to offer operators insight into meeting the needs of multiple generations simultaneously. Read the full white paper here: Whats On The Menu? Balancing the Needs of Read more about What's On The Menu? Balancing the Needs of Diverse Customers Through Seasonal Menuing[…]

Importance of Locally Sourced Produce

In the restaurant industry, every year generally brings with it a new consumer driven trend to answer, but some trends have more power than others. This is true of one which has now dominated the “hot” lists for over two years: locally sourced produce and products. Menuology’s latest white paper looks at the facts. Click Read more about Importance of Locally Sourced Produce[…]

Growing Brand Equity

GROWING BRAND EQUITY IN THE RESTAURANT INDUSTRY: THE KEY FACTOR FOR CONSUMER BRAND EQUITY GROWTH Brand equity is a relatively intangible thing. While there have been myriad models and tools developed to try and accurately calculate it across various industries, no definitive model has emerged as yet. Of particular importance to this paper, no model Read more about Growing Brand Equity[…]

Restaurant Menu Psychology

Restaurant Menu Psychology: The Restaurant Menu Sweet Spot Does It Exist? Menuology White Paper examining if the myth of the Sweet spot does in fact exist or if it is an antiquated idea. Within the restaurant industry, there is no more powerful or effective tool for communicating, marketing, or advertising to consumers, than the ubiquitous Read more about Restaurant Menu Psychology[…]