Save Time, Cut Costs, Reach Your Audience Faster with Menuology

Today, keeping up with consumer demand requires you to make frequent updates to your restaurant menu. Whether it’s the addition of seasonal specials or locally produced craft beers to your existing menu, or your quarterly menu update, the logistics of rolling these updates out, and the time and cost involved, are significant. Once your menu Read more about Save Time, Cut Costs, Reach Your Audience Faster with Menuology[…]

How Much Time Could Menuology Save You?

There are hundreds of man-hours that go into every menu change or update your restaurant brand makes. Many of them, those spent on sourcing, researching, testing, and perfecting your menu items, are not only essential ones, but also highly productive uses of your team’s time. Conversely however there are many more hours spent undertaking thankless Read more about How Much Time Could Menuology Save You?[…]

Could your Menu Management System do with a Revamp?

Consistency has always been one of the most critical factors in the success of any restaurant brand. Whether its consistency in the quality and flavor of your menu items, consistency in the attentiveness and efficacy of your service team, or consistency in your branding and brand identity, every element of your restaurant has to be Read more about Could your Menu Management System do with a Revamp?[…]

What’s On the Menu for Baby Boomers and Millennials?

As mentioned in an earlier post, baby boomer and millennial consumers combined account for two-thirds of every dollar spent in restaurants today, and this percentage is predicted by the IFDA to rise to three-quarters of every dollar spent by 2020. With so much spending power contained within these two market segments, the question of what Read more about What’s On the Menu for Baby Boomers and Millennials?[…]

Could Your Restaurant Be Appealing to a Broader Customer Base?

Few are the restaurant brands which can appeal to a single age segment of the market, be it baby boomers or millennials, and thrive long-term. But, while restaurants understandably target their marketing and customer acquisition efforts toward specific demographics, dictated by their concept and location, all attempt to bridge the gap between market segments to Read more about Could Your Restaurant Be Appealing to a Broader Customer Base?[…]

Protecting Your Brand Perception

Consumers’ perceptions of your restaurant are built through their cumulative experiences with your brand. From the initial engagement, be it online or off, to the quality of their experience within the restaurant itself, via any and all visible brand communication—your restaurant menu, social media interactions, advertising, new product roll-outs and more—consumers form their perceptions of Read more about Protecting Your Brand Perception[…]

Mobile Matters

Recent research from digital marketing solutions company hibu found that 52% of US restaurant websites were mobile compatible for some smartphones. While that number may seem impressive in an industry which has never been known for its early adoption of technology, considering that 81% of consumers searched for restaurant websites through their mobile devices last Read more about Mobile Matters[…]

Why Sustainability Matters To You

No matter whom you talk to in the restaurant industry today, sustainability is likely to come up as a key topic of conversation. It has become one of the most significant movements in the industry of late, with restaurants, both chain and single-unit, up and down the country implementing sustainable practices in incremental steps in Read more about Why Sustainability Matters To You[…]

What Does “Local” Mean to Your Customers?

Over the last few years, the demand from consumers for locally sourced products and produce on restaurant menus has grown exponentially. This demand, as prevalent as it is, varies substantially from consumer to consumer depending on a host of factors, not least their location, age range, and personal values, making it hard for operators to Read more about What Does “Local” Mean to Your Customers?[…]