Save Time, Cut Costs, Reach Your Audience Faster with Menuology

Today, keeping up with consumer demand requires you to make frequent updates to your restaurant menu. Whether it’s the addition of seasonal specials or locally produced craft beers to your existing menu, or your quarterly menu update, the logistics of rolling these updates out, and the time and cost involved, are significant.

Once your menu update has been perfected however, you know that the next most important task is to ensure it reaches your customers as quickly as possible to make sure you can start to recoup your investment. Rolling your new menus out across your network of restaurants is painstaking enough, but what about the online sphere? How do you “roll it out” online, and when?

Considering that over 80% of consumers validate restaurant recommendations from friends and family—one of their most trusted and relied upon sources of information—online before making a dining decision, and that their first port of call is the restaurant menu, the answer is clear: your updated menu needs to be rolled-out online in tandem with its roll-out in your restaurants to reach your audience.

That sounds simple enough, however between the range of sites you need to upload to in varied formats, and the incontrovertible need for your menu to be perfectly branded, accurately formatted, location specific in terms of both menu items and pricing, and mobile compatible among other parameters, it’s far from straightforward. Added to this is the fact that with each of these steps the potential for human error grows, and suddenly ensuring your menus in the online sphere reflect those in your restaurants becomes an even more demanding, and often continual, task.

There is a simpler way.

Thanks to Menuology’s powerful one-click online publishing feature, you can roll-out your updated, and location specific, menus online, to the sites of your choice, on the date and time you desire, in one move. Through the system you can pre-set each of your parameters, and ensure that every menu you roll-out online is perfect every time, because it already adheres to the structure you have set and approved, and you can do this in a fraction of the time, and therefore at a fraction of the cost, you currently invest.

In an industry where fierce competition and exceedingly tight margins are the order of the day, find out how Menuology can help you reach your audience faster, online and off, and reap the rewards.