How Much Time Could Menuology Save You?

There are hundreds of man-hours that go into every menu change or update your restaurant brand makes. Many of them, those spent on sourcing, researching, testing, and perfecting your menu items, are not only essential ones, but also highly productive uses of your team’s time. Conversely however there are many more hours spent undertaking thankless and often repetitive tasks which do little for your team’s productivity when implementing a menu change; primary among these is the review and approval process your menus have to go through, before you’re ready to roll them out.

From the menu item descriptions to their pricing via the placement of mandated items on your menu, there are dozens of small but highly significant details that have to be checked, and re-checked, for every menu you roll-out. This happens not because of internal changes or new decisions, but rather because with every menu change across your network of restaurants, the chance for human error grows. Doing these endless reviews and corrections is time-intensive enough when you’ve only got a couple of outlets to roll your menus out in, but when your restaurant locations are spread across multiple states and number in the dozens or hundreds, that task becomes far more complex.

That’s where a system like Menuology comes into its own, because in addition to myriad other features it not only centralizes your entire menu review and approval process, thus slashing the time it takes you to roll menus out, but it also customizes that process to fit into your existing operational structure.

As an example, one of Menuology’s client’s, King’s Seafood, has found that purely at head office their team members save a minimum of 4 or more hours each week on their review and approval process since they implemented the system. That’s not counting the time savings made at outlet level, which are likely to be greater considering the highly disparate tasks restaurant managers have to contend with on a daily basis. A time saving of four hours a week per team member alone is considerable for any operator, but multiply that by the number of locations a brand has, and the time it takes to roll out a new menu—both at head office and outlet level—and that time saving starts to have a sizeable impact on your bottom line.

The reason Menuology can offer you such impactful time savings is because through the system you control every aspect of every menu change from the very outset of the process. You decide and set the rules for pricing, menu item positioning, mandated items, terminology, branding, partner branding positioning, calorie counts and every other conceivable parameter before you even start reviewing, proofing, and approving your menus for roll-out. This means that when a location, or any member of your team, goes in to make a revision, you know they can only make the changes you’ve already approved. Not only that, but through Menuology you also control who can make those changes, and where, further decreasing the time you and your team need to invest, because with Menuology you dramatically cut down the most time-intensive task of all: fixing human errors.

If you’re tired of unapproved menu changes during the roll-out process, exhausted by yet another unidentified typo, frustrated by inconsistent branding on your menus, or simply looking for ways to streamline your processes and increase your team’s productivity, why not find out more about what Menuology can do for you?