Alamo Drafthouse Partners with Menuology to Streamline It's Menu Management Processes

Monas Softworks and Alamo Drafthousehave signed an exclusive agreement to implement Menuology, Monas Softworks’ flagship SaaS product, for Alamo Drafthouse’s network of cinema-eateries.

Menuology, the world’s only menu management system developed expressly for chain restaurant brands, is being implemented to streamline and simplify Alamo Drafthouse’s menu management processes.

“We update our menus regularly, and roll-out menu specials every three months,” said Nicole Bodle, Marking Manager for Alamo Drafthouse Cinema. “Historically, this has been a laborious process, with even the smallest menu change creating countless revisions and corrections, costing us far too much in terms of both time and money. The moment I saw Menuology, I knew it was the ideal solution.”

By implementing Menuology, Alamo Drafthouse will benefit from a customized menu management system adapted to their needs, which will allow them to forgo the wasted time of revisions and re-edits to keep it’s menus up to date.

“The Alamo Drafthouse menu is full of variety.  We offer an array of burgers, pizzas, salads, wraps, and we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of local and national craft beers,” said Nicole Bodle. “Yet across both our corporate and franchised outlets, every single change, be it to add that next great menu item or locally crafted beer, or update pricing, required an unreasonable amount of work to keep our menus up to date. Menuology cut out all the tedium and waste, with an easy interface and great customer support.”

Thanks to the system’s extensive features, Alamo Drafthouse will benefit from complete control over every aspect of its menu management, across each of its locations. Alamo Drafthouse can now control each outlet’s food, drink and beer collectively or individually to match regional tastes without the stress of re-edits and corrections. Add in instantly updated online menus, location-specific menu item placement and pricing, and brand standard compliance, Alamo will be able to oversee each aspect of its menu management through Menuology system-wide.

“For a brand such as Alamo Drafthouse, Menuology frees their passion for innovation and an unwavering dedication to their fans,” said Gregory Walsh, VP of Operations for Menuology. “Menuology gives them the flexibility they need in their menu management, all the while ensuring the stringent quality standards the brand is known for, maintained across each and every one of their menus.”

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