Protecting Your Brand Perception

Consumers’ perceptions of your restaurant are built through their cumulative experiences with your brand. From the initial engagement, be it online or off, to the quality of their experience within the restaurant itself, via any and all visible brand communication—your restaurant menu, social media interactions, advertising, new product roll-outs and more—consumers form their perceptions of your brand, often for good.

Nothing can impact your restaurant’s profitability more effectively than poor brand perception. Badly managed social media engagement, surly restaurant staff having an off day, or inconsistent quality, among myriad other issues, can lead to poor brand perception on the part of your consumers. Regardless of how this perception occurs it then leads to a loss of revenue and profitability, and is an incredibly hard one to reverse.

In an industry where the restaurant menu is the most powerful form of brand communication a restaurant has, nothing has a greater capacity to influence brand perception than the restaurant menu. And, in a market where restaurant operators are required to make ever more frequent menu updates to meet the demands of their consumers’, no area offers more opportunity, or danger, when it comes to influencing consumers’ perceptions.

Thanks to the exponential growth in demand for new menu items, seasonal specials, locally sourced ingredients, and healthy menu choices, the opportunity to protect and enhance consumers’ perception of your brand abound. Meeting this demand is also fraught with danger however. A poorly branded seasonal menu, an inconsistent, out of date, or inaccessible, online menu, or any one of the dozen menu management mistakes which can, and do, occur every day, can all lead to a menu which doesn’t reflect your brand experience, and one which will lead consumers to form a faulty or negative perception of your brand.

By focusing on communicating your brand experience faithfully through every menu update, and offering consumers menus which reflect your standards of quality and consistency while meeting consumer demand, you can increase your brand perception in the market, and your profitability.