Why Sustainability Matters To You

No matter whom you talk to in the restaurant industry today, sustainability is likely to come up as a key topic of conversation. It has become one of the most significant movements in the industry of late, with restaurants, both chain and single-unit, up and down the country implementing sustainable practices in incremental steps in their operations, and for good reason.

Not only has sustainability become a red-hot topic for consumers over the last few years, it is also a practice which offers restaurant operators three hard to come by benefits: broader market appeal, decreased operating costs, and increased customer loyalty.

For operators the pay-off of running a more sustainable operation is clear, if not easy to achieve due to the initial outlay required to implement sustainable practices system-wide. From a cost-cutting perspective alone however, transitioning even one aspect of their operations to an environmentally sustainable one—such as implementing energy efficient lighting across their network of restaurants—can have a substantial, long-term, positive impact on their operating costs.

When it comes to meeting the consumer demand for environmental sustainability on the other hand, not only is the pay-off clear for operators, it’s also far easier to achieve. Consumer demand for locally sourced, ethically grown and raised products and produce on restaurant menus is at an all-time high, and, according to the National Restaurant Association, 71% of consumers are more likely to visit restaurants which offer locally-sourced food items on their menus.

If driving top-line growth through wasn’t enough to motivate operators, the benefits of visibly and genuinely seeking to benefit their local community while meeting customer demand and striving for more sustainable, environmentally advantageous operations, are plenty. In doing so they will also increase their profitability long-term, and position themselves as an ethical company which listens to the desires of their customers, thus increasing brand awareness and brand loyalty in the process.

When it comes to environmental sustainability, doing the right thing has never been more appealing for restaurant operators, and with Menuology, meeting consumer demand for local, sustainable practices has never been easier.