Press Release: Menuology White Paper

June 12th, 2013

New Menuology White Paper: The Importance of Accessibility and Accuracy in Online Restaurant Menus

In an industry with fierce competition and razor thin margins, restaurant brands need to do all they can to capture new business. In a recently published white paper, Menuology highlights the single most important factor in successfully converting online browsers into in-restaurant diners.

Consumers no longer rely on one or two sources of information when making dining decisions. According to Menuology’s latest white paper, The Importance of Accessibility and Accuracy in Online Restaurant Menus, thanks to the breadth of information available to them online, these decisions are now being driven by a number of factors; factors that are in constant evolution.

Preeminent among these is the ability to access, and easily read, restaurant menus of interest before making a decision, and even more importantly, the ability to do so on a mobile device.

The paper was developed further to an in-house survey which found that restaurant brands were conscious of the importance of ensuring their online menus were accurate and up-to-date, and keen to find a quicker, and easier, way to ensure they were.

“Over 80 percent (81.2%) of respondents to our survey felt it was important for them to have access to a system that would, among other things, allow them to easily publish their menu online, the instant they changed it in their restaurants.” said Gregory Walsh, VP of Operations for Menuology, and its parent company, Monas Softworks. “That made us want to look closer at the key drivers in new customer acquisition within restaurants today, and how we at Menuology could ensure we continued to add value to our clients by offering them tools that responded to market demand.”

Click here to access the white paper, The Importance of Accessibility and Accuracy in Online Restaurant Menus.

About Menuology

Menuology is the world’s only menu management system developed expressly for chain restaurant groups. It offers brands a range of features to profitably simplify and streamline their menu management processes. Among these is a powerful one-click online menu publishing feature which allows brands to publish their menus online in moments, in line with their brand standards, and formatted to be accessible via any device.

For more information visit Menuology online, email, or call 888.688.4847.


Read the press release here.

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