Advanced Menu Management, Defined

Menuology is the only web-based menu management tool created expressly for full-service chain restaurant groups. No matter the number of outlets you manage, the markets you target, or the variety of menus you offer, Menuology is the tailor-made software solution for all your menu management needs. Turn a tedious, time consuming, and thankless task into a swift, simple, and effortless one with Menuology.

“…across both our corporate and franchised outlets, every single change, be it to add that next great menu item or locally crafted beer, or update pricing, required an unreasonable amount of work to keep our menus up to date. Menuology cut out all the tedium and waste, with an easy interface and great customer support.”
Nicole Bodle, Marketing Manager, Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

Intuitive Menu Management

A simple elegant design perfected over the years like a great wine

The system is highly intuitive and easy to use; all our managers love it.
Eric Collins, Marketing Manager, King’s Seafood Company Inc.

A few of our delicious customers



Menuology Benefits & Features

Menuology is designed for the challenge’s of chain restaurants, no matter if it is five or fifty locations. Every feature is built to eliminate tedious and receptive tasks to stream line your menu management process, and save you time and money.


Compliance, Across the Board

Ensure the consistency of your menus, their compliance with new legislation, nutritional laws, your strategic alliances, and above all your brand identity, no matter how many locations or menus you may have.
Selection, placement, and pricing assignment of mandated items by menu and location.
A nutritional database for quick menu labeling.
A range of flexible pricing options drilled down to the outlet, menu and item level.
Fixed position placement for items in your beverage program.

Custom Review & Approval

After weeks perfecting your menu, you then spend days, if not weeks, in a never ending back-and-forth with each restaurant, reviewing and revising, until once again, it is ready to be roll-out. Untangle the process before it begins.
User permissions across every parameter.
Instant notification of submitted requests.
System-wide review and approval of all requests.
Real-time view of menu status across every location.

Your Menu, Your Brand

Menuology is your menu and your layout, not a template. Control every aspect of your menu management process in a fraction of the time, and for a fraction of the cost, you currently invest.
Set your brand parameters throughout the system.
Head office and outlet level access and user permissions.
Item placement and pricing, menu by menu, and location by location.

Accurate Fast Online Visibility

Research shows that over half of your potential customers will seek out your menu online before they even consider walking through your doors.
Automatically update your menus online when a new menu is ordered.
Select the menus you want to feature.
Click and publish.

Even More Features

Nutritional Database

Built directly into the system, for each and every item is all the nutritional data you need to meet FDA regulations and keep your menus compliant.

Customized Reporting

Menuology tracks everything, from menu order volumes to every last click in the system, to provide you with accurate, timely and relevant data.

Minimal Training

An intuitive and perfected design means minimal training costs upfront and long term. A majority of clients need less then five minutes and are ready to use the system.

Wine Manager

Have an extensive wine list to manage? Let Menuology take the fuss and tedium out of organizing it. Special categories for varietal, region, country, flavor profile or wine score. Then organize them with a click.

Secure & Available 24/7

Always available and always secure with the latest web security protocols. Rushing to get that update out last thing in the evening or have a few minutes in the afternoon, Menuology is ready when you are.

Control, System Wide

Want to lock down the menu so all the locations can do is print? Need to make sure the first item on the menu is the chef’s special? Or want to allow everyone to edit items and prices? Menuology works how you want to work.

Locally Sourced & Seasonal Updates

Updating your menu has never been this easy. Get those hot new dishes with farm fresh ingredients on the menu with a couple clicks and the next time a location prints they are up to date.

Extensive Printing Options

Take advantage of cost savings by establishing a printing structure that works for you; not for the printers. Set rules for where (in-house or off site), how many, how often or how much each location prints.

Template Wizard

Holding a special event? Have a menu for the big game? Quickly build a simple menu for those one off events and print it right in the office. Touchdown.

I Am Ready For More Information

Why Menuology

You know how crucial your menu is to your profitability. How much it impacts the relationship you build with your customers. How essential it is to maintaining and growing brand awareness. You know the ever increasing man hours you invest in making sure your menus are up to date, accurate, and in line with your brand identity in each and every one of your locations. You also know the fist-clenching frustration you feel when, invariably, something goes wrong in your menu management process. The irrepressible sigh that escapes you when at the end of the day you find yourself, once again, stuck in the office scrambling to finalize your latest menu. That weak link—whether it is inaccurate pricing, mangled branding or any one of the dozen other things that can, and do so often go wrong—is the very reason Menuology exists.


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